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Gülan Automotive continues to advance and serve in line with the principles of the globalizing economy and the ever-increasingly competitive environment, never deviating from its mission with its staff of staff, always focused on leadership and 100% satisfaction. Gülan Automobile, which has received numerous awards for years with its successful and experienced team, aims for continuous development and success with its high quality products, workmanship and confidence. .

Gülan otomotiv
Zero Vehicle

We help you in choosing the car you need and we ensure you to own a car with the assurance of Gülan Otomotiv.

Second hand

You can also examine the vehicles with 2nd hand expertise report that you will purchase with Gülan Otomotiv assurance by coming to our showrooms.


With our experienced and professional staff, we provide all the service needs of your vehicle in our authorized services.


Service Points

To see the nearest service points to you,


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